MoM is the first italian meeting on microservices technologies. It aims at bringing together industries and research centers interested in the topic. It is an opportunity to share experiences and concrete application cases, covering both technical aspects and future scenarios.

Who will attend
MoM is designed as a melting pot of different experiences. Participants will include: members from universities and research centers, software developers, private companies, and public institutions. MoM is a meeting point for those who develop architectures based on microservices, those who use these kind of architectures, and those who are investing resources in them. It is intended for both developers and IT managers.
The first edition of MoM will be held by Monrif s.p.a. Event site: Monrif s.p.a. via Enrico Mattei 106, Bologna

The aim of MoM is to create a community. A network of people interested in microservice architectures and programming, which puts together productive players, consumers, and reasearchers. A special focus will be given to experiences that come from the italian industry.
MoM 2016
MoM is promoted and organized by italianaSoftware, the Jolie company. Jolie is the first microservice-oriented programming language, and it is open source. The 2016 edition of MoM is organised in collaboration with Monrif s.p.a.

Program 20/12/2016
Morning section - Vision and Experiences
9:30-10:00Event Registration
10:00-10:15IntroductionBalint Maschio
(Monrif s.p.a)
10:15-10:30The origin of a technology, from research to industryMaurizio Gabbrielli
(Università di Bologna)
10:30-11:00The revolution of microservices: JolieClaudio Guidi
11:00-11:15Industry 4.0 - How italian industry will be revolutionizedGabriele Brusa
11:15-11:45Organizational and economical impacts of a system based on microservices.Balint Maschio
(Monrif s.p.a)
11:45-12:00Coffee Break
12:00-12:30From a system for managin commercial agents to a B2B platformAlessandro Suzzi
(H2B s.r.l.)
12:30-13:00From Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) to microservices.Claudio Bergamini
(Imola Informatica)
13:00-14:30Lunch (a buffet will be served)

Afternoon section - Tecniques and Research
14:30-15:30Introduction to JolieClaudio Guidi
15:30-15:45Coffee Break
15:45-16:45Cloud Container and DevopsLuca Acquaviva
(Imola Informatica)
16:45-17:30Microservices: future and close scenariosSaverio Giallorenzo
(Università di Bologna)

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