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Microservice Architectures
for scalable businesses
Microservices represent the new generation of distributed architectures which are able to scale with your business rapidly and which allows you to easily implement initiative targeted applications. italianaSoftware aims at leading the field thanks to the creation of Jolie, the first programming language for microservices. We provide both services and products which help you to enter the microservice age!
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The valuable part of a software infrastructure
is in the architecture
Monolithical applications and targeted software solutions are going to disappear in the next years because business needs are changing very quickly and ICT infrastructures need to be flexible in order to follow them. Thus, it will be more and more important to find the right component you need in your system instead of looking for a new product. Products indeed, usually offer more than you require and they are more expensive than a simple service. Microservices can be plugged in your architecture both as an in-house running component or as a SaaS supplied by an external supplier. In this context the value of your system is in the way you compose the components you need, the value is in the architecture.
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Jolie is the first programming language for microservices
Jolie crystallises the programming concepts of microservices as native language features: the basic building blocks of software are not objects or functions, but rather services that can always be relocated and replicated as needed.
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Microservice products and solutions
italianaSoftware provides products for programming and administrating microservice architectures. Success stories has been achieved integrating SAP Netweaver with third party applications by means of italianaSoftware's microservice products.
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